Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nathan's accident.....

We had a pretty stressful day yesterday!

I received a frantic phone call from Celina screaming that Nathan had been in a terrible go-cart accident and broke his arm and was bleeding very badly. I was minutes away from taking my Psychology exam when Celina called, so you can imagine, my score was not the best!
I was trying to remind myself that Celina, and Nathan too, can be a bit melodramatic, and there was a good chance that he didnt really hurt himself too badly. Nathan falls off his bicycle on a regular basis and with each scrape and bruise you would think he had broken his arm a thousand times over.

As it turned out, he and his cousin were riding the go-cart where they should not have been, and going faster then they should have been. Nathan took a curve too fast and he flipped his go-cart and his arm was pinned under the roll cage.
His cousin who is a few years older was not injured and ran the half mile plus to Joe's house to get help, screaming all the while that Nathan was hurt really badly (this is the point where Celina called in hysterics).

Meanwhile, A passerby saw the accident and called emergency services. Joe and his brother were trying to find Nathan (they didnt know they were where they are not supposed to be) and it wasnt until he heard the sirens of the ambulance that he was able to find him. By time Joe and his wife got there, Nathan was already being tended to by the EMT and the wound was bandaged and his arm immobilized so Joe was not quite sure what the extent of his injuries were. The EMT told them he was going to be transported to the Trauma 1 Center at University/Shands Jacksonville. This of course set off many alarms because there are atleast 3 other hospitals between Joe's house and Shands, including a children's trauma unit at Wolfson Children's Hospital. The EMT said that due the depth of the cut on the inside of his elbow, they were concerned about the two major arteries that could have been damaged and getting the bleeding to stop. So off to Trauma 1 (the HIGHEST level of trauma unit in the Southeast!!)

The accident occurred around 4:30pm our time and it was not until after 11:00pm that I found out the extent of his injuries.
He was admitted to the level 1 trauma unit because they were concerned with an extremely deep cut in the crease of his left elbow. Their fears of severed arteries and tendons sent him to the OR within minutes of his arrival. Fortunately, he did not sever the arteries and the tendons are not damaged and he has full flexion and sensation in his hand. They cleaned his arm out and stitched him up and discovered a hairline fracture in his forearm.
Because of his severe allergies to antibiotics, the severity of the cut, and chance of infection, they kept him in the hospital overnight.

I spoke to him this morning and he is resting comfortably and received his last morphine shot this morning and they are moving him to Tylenol for the pain. So far, Vitals are good, no fever, and no sight of infection so he may be released as early as this afternoon.

So, as scared as we all were, Nathan was quite fortunate. I am convinced we have angels riding shot gun!

The kids will be at their dad's house until August 15th.
I can't wait to have my babies home!


and in the mean time... it was my birthday.... yeah me !!!!

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