Saturday, July 14, 2007

A message from Eric and Tracey...

Ok -- So day two of the kids visit... Uncle Eric took Joe-Joe to go fishing off the pier at Jax Beach today and every single cast got MULTIPLE fish! Uncle Eric says that Joe-Joe is a natural fisherman and caught not one, not two, but over THIRTY fish!! .. Sometimes five at a time on one cast !

And, of course, it wouldn't be an Uncle Eric outing without a trip to see the Hooters girls for the "chicken wings" (riiiiiiiiiiiight) and a photo-op... ...

But, by the looks of it in the pictures, Joe-Joe doesn't seem to be minding all of the attention he got there much !!!

Celina and I had a "girls day" today while the boys had their male bonding trip to the pier.... Celina got a special manicure at salon with some awesome pink sparkly polish and then it was off to the mall for some shopping time.... We found a very pretty dress for her to take back to Utah and took a pass through a awesome candy store so Celina could pick out something yummy for after lunch (a wacky tube of squirtable watermelon gook -- ) then it was off to Ruby Tuesdays ...

We're hoping the rain will go away today so we can go swim and maybe go see a movie then it is back home for homemade pizzas and ice cream sundaes for dessert!!

We are missing Nathan a bunch and wish he was here too but we know that he is better off relaxing and recovering at home with his Dad this weekend given the excitement he has had this week!
Love to everybody!
Eric, Tracey, Cameron, Joseph and Celina

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