Thursday, September 07, 2006

The moving day

After 2 weeks of packing, trashing, taping, wrapping, we are ready for the movers to come.
The Mayflower truck pulls over in front of the building. The driver and his helper are coming up and start bitching for the 3 floors and for the heavy boxes. It took them almost 9 hours to pack the truck... It was like a tetris game making sure that they would use the minimum space. We were quoted for 4800 pounds, turns out that we had 5500 pounds of things to move.... they were only 2 guys and they ran up and down the stairs a lot.
When Karen went home from work in the evening, there was not uch left in the apartment, just the things we were taking with us for the trip.

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Aunt Marsha said...

Errggghhh! Isn't amazing how much you have you didn't know you did until you had to MOVE it all - after trashing, pitching, and giving away another ton or two. Good job!