Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On our way to Logan

Ok the truck is gone, the van and the car are loaded, the fish are set up, the kids are loaded with the survival kits, the candies, the books and the crayons. We are ready to go.

We crossed several States (Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and finaly Utah).

Slept in different motels along the road. The first stop was in Days Inn Decatur Alabama (500 miles), then Kansas city Missouri (1100 miles, I will not even name the crapy hotel we found there), then Motel 8 is Cheyenne Wyoming (1800 miles) and finaly the Confort Inn in Logan (2300 miles)

It is such a nice trip. In 4 days in the car, we had to see a lot of the country. It is sometimes boring the drive through the plains and plateau, we made miles without seeing anything.... we could almost think the country is flat, especially Nebraska or Wyoming East. Yes it flat, desert, with some hills and plateaus, but mainly I80 west is a 900 miles long straight line where you can ride at 75 mph.

We finaly saw some mountains at the end of Wyoming.

But really the mountain started when we reached Utah.

At first, the mountains are red, like in those pictures taken at the welcome center 20 miles after the border with Wyoming.

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