Monday, August 28, 2006

An eventfull week-end

We just had a nice week end rich in events.

It all started saturday morning with the mail lady that brought us the work permit. A big relief, now I can work and we can plan our move to Logan, Utah .

Saturday was Eric and Tracey's baby shower party.
It was a very moving get together with family and friends. Gheorghe was asked to be the Godfather of little Cameron.... his reaction to that was so joyful.
Gheorghe and Seveny, the hosts, are Eric and Tracey's friends and they are very cool.
Very cool is also the way you enjoy the romanian wines, or the romanian plum liquor.

After a quiet evening at our favorite Starbucks in Orange Park, we went back to Midleburg to Karen's parents home for a night of rest.

We woke up in the morning, everybody was excited. Tracey, eventhough she was not due before another 4 weeks, was at the maternity ward ready to give birth.
Everybody gathered again at the delivery room were both parents were relatively calm.

After a few hours where we were waiting there, they decided that the time for Cameron there and that the "10 cm" point was reached. We all leave the room so Eric and Tracey can get was ready for the big moment.

Now starts the wait.... Doctor is on his way, everything looks fine, baby Cameron is just taking a little more time with mommy. But he finaly comes at 4:02 pm.

The baby is in good health, the mom is in good health, the dad is in good health, everything is good, we can come in the room.... Eyes open, looking around, not screaming, the baby is there being attended by the nurses with suddenly a lot of noise coming from aunts, uncles, grand ma, grand pa and friends coming to look at him....

Here Cameron Alexander Kline, ready to conquer the world.

We wish a lot of good things to the new family and a warm welcome to Cameron.

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Aunt Marsha said...

GREAT pics! Thanks for sharing. There sure has been a lot of excitement - and change - in our family in the past year and a little bit. Wonderful changes, I might add.