Sunday, August 16, 2009


Sounds like an horror movie ? yeah probably.
The kids are back.
So our summer vacation is finished then.... and we are going to trade again the relaxing evenings watching our favorite TV shows, our "let's pack and go somewhere for the week end".
What do we get in the trade ? Homework fights, noise, bitching, complaints, "can you buy this?", "I want that", Sponge Bob, Disney Channel or cartoon network...

How well, I have seen this show once where the guy was counting the days until the last kid in the house was leaving to college... I am not counting the days.... just the years ;)

In the mean time, we will try our best to keep the monsters healthy, teach them to respect Others and Nature and success at school.

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Cécile said...

courage, courage. On pense à vous :-)