Monday, August 10, 2009

It is this time of the year.....

OK, I got my Elk tag, I got my migratory birds license number.
I bought Nathan is small game license and he is registered for the Youth pheasant hunt in November (and hopefully will been drawn and when drawn will get us a couple of nice and tasty pheasants).
We are looking to put Joseph on the safety/ethic classes so that he can come with us.
The exciting thing is that this is something we are all learning to do together. I wish sometimes I had some kind of a mentor that would teach me the tips and tricks.... but at least I have the safety and ethics covered and that by itself is sufficient.
I cannot wait to go in the field with the boys for some days of fun shooting and missing.

I obviously count on getting an elk... Elk is good. I'll worry later for the logistic problems such as: how are we going to carry 500 lbs of meat in the mountains to go back to the car.... or how are we going to butcher it .... or how are we going to fit it in our little freezer (Karen promised me that if we get something we can buy a big chest freezer hehe).... and finally how are we going to eat it (no, this I actually know !!!) ....

Anyway still a lot of preparation to do: practice shooting, scouting and actually find and shoot one.

(For the anti-hunting people: I respect your views however no need to post negative comments they will be deleted. You may contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss in private about the use of responsible hunting and the benefits for the community)

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