Monday, October 23, 2006

The Pumpkin walk

A lot of good things this week end. First, friday we received the green card in the mail (it is white but that is OK). It is official, now, I am a permanent resident. Actually I am a temporary conditional permanent resident.... I'll be a permanent resident in 2 years.
We are still thinking of adopting a dog AND a cat as soon as we get in our new house (keep the finger crossed that everything go well for the house.... just a couple of weeks to wait). So we went to a trip to Brigham City to the pet shelter. Apparently they had a art show.... turns out that it was a demonstration with flags showing how many animals were adopted, how many were euthanized..... morbid, but it is the law.... the shelter can keep the animals only a couple of days....

And since the weather, was beautiful, even though cold (we get below 32 every night now),
we went to the pumpkin walk in North Logan. It was very good, lots of creativity and some scenes were absolutely wonderful. I couldn't post the 125 pictures that I took online, so there is the most significant on our picasa web album, and some in this cool montage.

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