Sunday, October 01, 2006

Logan Canyon, the river trail

OK it is time for us to continue exploring our marvelous surrounding Natural resources. Still in Logan canyon, we decided to do it easy this weekend and go for the river trail. It is wide, flat and family friendly.
Before that we decided to treat the kids with a little fishing in the river. They can do it there since they have no license. I couldn't, they would charge me the non resident fees since I still have the florida driving license. Anyway... That was amazing, you could see the trouts jumping in the water, giving the impression that they were chasing the baits and the hooks. Next time we might try to find some more adapted bait, who knows. I want to try fly fishing, we saw a couple of people doing it there, it looks interesting. Then after our traditional Picnic, we take the walk for the river trail. Kids and us are amazed by those fall colors. Everyday the moutain is changing color red, orange, yellow, green...
Sunday everybody was tired though. So we just went to the Willow park zoo in Logan. It is a small zoo we saw 2 bald eagles, some ducks, a lot of ducks, peacocks, pheasants, raccons, rainbow trouts (16-18 inches)that had to fight with the ducks to get some of the food the kids (and us) were throwing in the pond. But the best part were the 2 coyotes howling or the american elk (wapiti) charging at the kids and showing off his 2 huge antlers (I counted at least 8 points).
I regret I left the camera at home.... but with a price of 50 cts per kid and 1 dollar for the adults, I m sure that we are going to go there again. And not only because the Willow park has at least 3 different playgrounds and picnic places.

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