Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What happen when we are not at home

The kids had to stay at home for a couple of hours while I was back at work and waiting for Karen to come back from work.... They had a list of chores to keep them busy during that time. Homework and reading first, then cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, living room and kitchen.... a lot to do, but we wanted to make sure they were busy ;)

And also they were all grounded from TV, so they had to do something else, right ?

So when we come home in the evening, apparently homework is done (fast so obviously everything is to be redone...) and the house is fairly in order and clean..... so everything is good.
A couple of days later, I download some pictures from the camera..... and there oh surprise, they had played with it, as they like to do it sometimes. but....

First they got busted because obviously they were watching TV.
Yep I agree it is not bright to take pictures of the TV on when you are not supposed to watch it.
I even have the date and the time on it, so they cannot lie (eventhough, they tried to ;) of course)

But most important, we got a couple of funny shots....

Nathan and Joseph trying to clear the kitchen counters. If I remember correctly they did a pretty good job there. Look at Joseph, he had his cleaning hat ...Go Gators !
Obviously somebody had to take the pictures... so since there is only 3 of them, we all know who is not doing what she is supposed to do.... right Celina ? "it is not my fault, Nathan told me to and the camera just fly from the bag, unzipped the bag and fell down in my hands.... and i was done...... NOT !!!! (sorry we just watched Borat.... understand who can)
But our little princess is not afraid of the camera.... or maybe she didn't get the point.... the pictures stays in the camera and WE can see them and post them on the blog.....

I will pass on the useless shots of the stairs, the trash cam or the table... One good thing for her though is that most of the pictures are focused on something.... maybe we have a genius there.... who knows....

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