Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Views from Utah State university

I thought I would share some of the view from Campus.

this is the view I have from my desk.... most of the time the blind is closed so that I can actually see the screen of the PC, but this is pretty much what I see... those ugly buildings with some nice mountains just behind.

Then walking around campus to go get the van and finally go home after a nice day at work.... walking through the trees in flower, enjoying the warm enf of afternoon and the quietness of campus (it is summer break, there is no student around....)

The van is waiting for me on the almost deserted parking lot....
Getting ready to go in, open all the windows and drive back home.

Going down the hill and drive through relative traffic, probably that day to go get the kids at soccer or to attend one of the games.... we are almost done with that.... that is good.....

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