Friday, May 18, 2007

Mother day

We went to the canyon this last Sunday for mother day..... hot dogs and burgers on the grill by the river, kids fishing and a relaxing Sunday afternoon....

It didn't really start nicely.... first curve out of our drive way and the 5 gallons jar of lemonade fly in the van and open itself leaving a lemonade soaked van.... we had to clean before going.... (another cool use of my Christmas present as the small hand held vacuum can do liquids too....)

At the river, we find a nice spot in the shade, with a grill.... waiting for Jeff Tricia and the kids to come, we start untangling the poles and putting some hooks and baits to the lines.... the kids are off fishing....
they are obviously back 2 minute later because they decided to fish trees instead and ...well.... let's say it is frustrating because they can't... So after a few thrown fits, we set up the game of croquet so at least the girls can play.... they obviously end up all wanting to play at the same time... never mind

around 3pm, we start the grill, and finally everybody can stop munching on chips and eat.... (at that time, we still have not caught any fish and I can hear some of you laughing....but Rick.... one day I will get one)

Anyway, the kids were hungry can you tell ???

So after a few running in the woods, fishing, changing baits, hooks and stuff because this one doesn;t work etc... it is time to go back home

We are all tired, i was our first trip in the canyon since the snow is gone..... noce to see everything green again, can;t wait to see the canyon getting his gold and red fall colors.... but before that we have to suffer the summer and it's hot dry weather....

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