Monday, August 14, 2006

Back to school - Rentree des classes

This is this time of the year were we get to wear our new shoes, our new clothes
and new backpacks.

School starts today !

Nathan's getting ready to start 5th grade

Celina will be the prettiest girl of the 3rd grade this year.

While Joseph will be the king of the first graders.
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Cécile said...

ils sont mimi tout plein !

Anonymous said...

et bien voilà aprés trois mois de vacances , faut bien reprendre un jour!!!!!! bon courage les petits

Anonymous said...

c'est moi laurence mais je sais pas pourquoi ça fait untilisateur anonyme

Anonymous said...

Nathan looks so smart and handsome, better watch out for the girls Nathan!
Celina will be the life of the party of 3rd grade! She is so tall and BEAUTIFUL!
Joseph is KING, you rule JOE!